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Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel Target NCP’s Sharad for Breaking Relations with Congress


On the formation of BJP Government in Maharashtra. Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel took on the NCP saying that Sharad Pawar left the congress party on the issue of foreign origin and now he is forming the government in alliance with the Shiv Sena.

Nitin Patel said during the elections BJP and Shiv Sena have jointly fought the elections but after the result Shiv Sena was like that they also want to be the CM. so the shiv Sena Started efforts to form a government. He attacked NCP supremo Sharad Pawar, saying that NCP was formed only with regard to the issue of foreign origin of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. BJP Devendra Fadnavis will be strong and stable government.

He further said that if there is only the BJP government in Maharashtra the state will have the rapid growth and development.He alleged that shiv Sena alone can’t hold a single meeting with the BJP after the elections then how can they form a government for the state.

The voters of the state gave the special majority to BJP and Shiv Sena for the government formation. Nitin Patel also said that further the NCP was alliance with the congress but on Saturday morning the decision that came out had bring the shock for the Indian Politics that Fadnavis has took the oath as CM and Ajit Pawar as Deputy CM and cleared the way for a stable government for Maharashtra.

The decision of the pawar to join the hands with the BJP was just taken in one night and this decision reminds him of this uncle Sharad Pawar. 41 years ago the NCP supremo has divided the congress into two camps and at that time Pawar became the youngest CM of the state.divided the Congress into two camps to form the government. At that time he became the youngest Chief Minister of the state.