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Gujarat Anti-Terror Law will be Implemented in State From December 1


Gujarat: State Minister on Wednesday said that From December 1, a controversial Gujarat anti-terror law, which recognize intercepted telephonic conversations as a legitimate evidence among other provisions, will come into force in the entire state. This law is made on the lines of MCOCA in Maharashtra. Gujarat has become the second state with anti-terrorism law after Maharashtra’s MCOCA Act. This law has increased the security of Gujarat.

According to media reports, President Ram Nath Kovind on November 5 had given his assent to the Gujarat Control of Terrorism and organised crime (GCTOC) Act. Which had thrice failed to get the nod of his predecessors since 2004. Earlier,the Bill was first passed by the Gujarat Legislative Assembly in 2003 under the then Chief Minister Narendra Modi. However, the President had returned this after stating some flaws.

For this a special court will be formed and public prosecutors will also be appointed. Gujarat’s home minister Pradeep Singh Jadeja confirmed this and said that it will be implemented in the state from 1st December. Laws are applicable in the state, people will be provided safe environment.

Minister of State for Home Pradeepsinh Jadeja said, “We will start the implementation of the GCTOC Act from 1 December. A notification in this regard will be issued soon.”