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Gujarat: Anil Mukim to be the Chief Secretary


Ahmedabad: Gujarat Chief Secretary Dr.JN Singh 1983 batch IAS officer is set to retire on 30th November this month. Anil Mukim leads race to become new chief secretary of Gujarat. Anil Mukim was the Secretary to Narendra Modi when he was elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for the first time. Anil Mukim, a 1985-batch Gujarat cadre IAS officer is currently secretary in the Union ministry of mines. The state government has decided to appoint Mukim as the new Chief Secretary. State Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has also written a letter to recall Anil Mukim from the centre and return back to Gujarat.

State Chief Secretary JN Singh was set to retire last May due to age restrictions and but the government extended Singh’s tenure for six months so that the next most senior 1984 batch IAS officer is not appointed as the Chief secretary. An extension of 6 months is given to any IAS officer. As Dr.JN Singh’s term ends on November 30 and 1985 senior IAS officer of Gujarat cadre Anil Mukim, who is on deputation at the Centre, will replace as the new Chief Secretary. As per the order of the BJP high command in Delhi, it has been decided to appoint Anil Mukim the new Chief Secretary of the state.

When Narendra Modi became the first Chief Minister of Gujarat in September 2001, Anil Mukim was appointed as the first Secretary of the Chief Minister’s Office. Anil Mukim went on deputation to the centre a year ago and was made secretary of the Department of Mines. Now he will be made the Chief Secretary of Gujarat. He is expected to take over as chief secretary of state in December.

With Anil Mukim being made the Chief Secretary of the state, it is likely that 1984 batch senior IAS Arvind Agrawal, additional chief secretary (ACS), finance department, will be made the MD of Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited or Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers Company Ltd because Gujarat State Fertilizer Company (GSFC) MD Sujith Gulati and Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Limited MD Prem Kumar Gera are set to retire on 30th November. With the retirement of these officers, the order to promote the rank of Additional Chief Secretary in addition to the rank and rank of 1987 IAS officers will also be changed.