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Gujarat Agitating Students Raise Slogan of ‘Inquilab-Zindabad’


Gandhinagar: Students are protesting in Gujarat capital Gandhinagar for the last 3 days, demanding for the cancellation of the examination. Students are stuck  for their demand. Therefore, Gandhinagar has now transformed into Delhi. Many Congress leaders are also participating in the protest to support for the justice. In such a situation where Gandhinagar was echoing the demand for cancellation of the exam till yesterday, now they are echoing with the slogan of independence.

Slogans of Inquilab-Zindabad in Satyagraha Cantonment
For 3 consecutive days, the candidates have been protesting, but the government is not paying attention. The government did not have to face the opposition of the students, so the meeting was held with the student leaders inside the closed door and announced the creation of the SIT. But even after the formation of SIT, students in Gandhinagar are scolded for demanding hunger and thirst justice. In such a situation, after leaving the grounds of the newly fledged student leader, Yuvraj take the field to encourage the students who are protesting. People including Hardik Patel, CJ Chavda, MLA from Vadgam Jignesh Mevani shouted slogans while taking part in the protests with the students. “We will continue with freedom, you can do whatever you want .. I want freedom from the country … I should also say … you Also say,… we will take away… we will raised the slogans of Inquilab Zindabad.

Strike for the Justice
Thousands of students have been protesting in Gandhinagar for the last three days to protest against the malpractices during Bin Sachivalay examination of Secondary Service Preference Board. Student leader Yuvraj Singh Jadeja, instead of supporting the students, escaped leaving the students hungry and thirsty at night for the government. But despite the announcement of Yuvraj and the SIT of government, the students did not end the agitation and demanded that we don’t need anything except to cancel the exam. After leaving the party with Yuvraj late last night, when the students were alone, the Congress announced its support. Leader of Opposition Paresh Dhanani himself cooked food and fed the agitators and slept with them. More than 6 lakh students took part in the examination to be held on November 17 for 3910 posts of Bin Sachivalay clerk. But in many parts of Gujarat, students are agitating for the cancellation of the exam for the last three days after getting the news of malpractices during the exam.