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Guj-origin couple killed by Pak man in Dubai during robbery attempt


A Gujarati origin couple was killed and their daughter injured in a robbery attempt in Dubai on June 18. Media reports said the couple, Hiren Adhiya and his wife Vidhi, and their two children aged 18 and 13 were asleep at their residence when the accused broke in at their house in Arabian Ranches. Adhiya worked as a senior director at an oil and gas company.

The accused, who is of Pakistan origin, knew the layout of the house as he had gone to their villa to carry out some maintenance work earlier.

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Dubai media quoted the local police as saying that the suspect entered the two-storey villa through an unlocked verandah after climbing over a wall. He found some cash and was looking for more valuables when Hiren and his wife woke up. He stabbed them multiple times to shut them up. He also attacked their daughter Vidhi who came to check what the commotion was about.

The 18-year-old then called the cops but the suspect had already run. Police found the murder weapon abandoned close to the house and handed it over to the forensic department who then traced it to the accused. He was later arrested and confessed to the crime. Media quoted the police as saying that the accused had seen a large sum of money at the house when he went there for maintenance work.