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GPCB issues closure notice to Chiripal Group’s Vishal Fabrics, fines Rs1 crore


The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) has issued a closure notice to Vishal Fabrics, a company of the Chiripal Group. The pollution control board has also fined the company Rs1 crore for polluting the area.

Some months ago, four labourers had died after they inhaled noxious fumes while cleaning the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) of the Chiripal Group’s factory. After the incident, a local social worker of Vatva village had written to the chief minister about the factory.

The GPCB later inspected the premises before issuing a closure notice.

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Ketan Parmar, a resident of Dhodi village had written a letter to the chief minister about the company.

In the letter, he said that the Dhodi Industrial Spinning Park, on the border of Dhodi village in Dholka taluka of Ahmedabad has 12 factories in it.

What the letter said Chiripal Group company and GPCB

The letter said the chemical wastewater of the companies is treated at the CETP but after a leak developed, Vishal Fabrics of Chiripal Group allegedly sent four labourers to repair it. The workers died after inhaling noxious fumes. They were asked to enter the CETP without any protective gear.

The letter said usually the labour commissioner and GPCB has to carry out a regular inspection at such units.

He said the GPCB has to take stock of the machinery, the CETP’s ability to treat wastewater and how well it can treat it, its capacity among others. The GPCB is also supposed to give instructions if the CETP is found lacking.

Parmar in his letter said the corrupt officials of GPCB looked the other way even though the factory was dumping untreated wastewater in the Gauchar village.

Parmar said the death of the labourers was a result of GPCB’s casual approach to pollution control. After the letter, GPCB inspected the company again on August 7 and issued a closure notice. It was also fined Rs1 crore for pollution.


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