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Gorakhpur: 6 policemen suspended after businessman’s death in late night police raid


Lucknow: Hours after a businessman died during a late night raid by police at a hotel in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, six cops were suspended. The raid took place on Tuesday night.

The deceased was identified as Manish Kumar Gupta, resident of Kanpur. He and two others from different cities had come to Gorakhpur to reportedly visit a common friend. The other two claimed they were business associates.

Elaborating on the turn of events at night, one of them, Harveer Singh, later said that they were sleeping in a room of a hotel in Gorakhpur when the bell rang at 12.30 am. Around 5-7 policemen entered the room and demanded to see their ID cards

According to Singh, he showed his document and then woke up Manish who asked the cops the reason for their visit. He alleged that the policemen who appeared drunk then started threatening them.

Harveer claimed that some of them had guns. They took him outside. A while later, he said, Manish was dragged out, his face covered in blood.

In a statement, Gorakhpur police chief Vipin Tada said, “The men were from different cities. The police team found this suspicious, so they went up to the room along with the hotel manager. One of the men died in an accident inside the room in an unfortunate manner. Our team immediately shifted him to a hospital.”

Manish’s family cried foul, rubbishing the police’s claim that Manish’s death was an accident.

Just 10 minutes before his death, he was speaking to me and then he cut the call saying the cops are here. I believe he later called another relative saying the police were harassing and threatening him and asking him to accompany them to the police station. I want answers to how he died,” said his wife Meenakshi in a statement.



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