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Good samaritans help fly 180 migrants from Mumbai to Jharkhand


Around 180 migrants from Jharkhand managed to land at their home state after former students of Bangalore’s National Law School funded their air travel. The migrants who had been stuck in Mumbai post the lockdown told a newspaper that they did not have the money for a train ticket and also did not have the courage to walk home.

They said that they were not only happy to return home but also glad that they could fly in an aeroplane. Some of the labourers also vowed not to return to Mumbai and to find work in Jharkhand itself. The paper quoted one Murshid Annsari, who worked in a textile unit, stating that his money woes mounted after the lockdown began. He was glad to return home and said he had never before taken a flight.

Another labourer Hembram said he did not have the money to get a train ticket or hire any other vehicle. He is surprised that at a time when he had no money he managed to go by flight. He too plans not to return to Mumbai.

The students who helped the migrants wanted to remain anonymous but told the newspaper that they got news of some migrants stuck near IIT Mumbai and got together to get the fund to send all the workers home by flight. They said cops and NGOs also helped them gather funds.