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Golden Opportunity…Queen Elizabeth is Hiring for Social Media Head


Social media has become an essential part in today’s life. If you also like to write content for social media and if you feel that you post such an Instagram post or tweet that can go viral. So you can work as a social media manager for Queen Elizabeth-2. Actually Queen Elizabeth-2 has extracted the vacancy of Social Media Manager. She needs such a person for the post who is active on his social media account and keep updating his activity on social media platforms.

You must be wondering what will be found if I apply for this post. The social media manager will be given all the facilities along with a good salary package. The final selected social media manager will have to handle the social media of the Royal Family and will have to work at Buckingham Palace. This is a great job. The vacant position has been listed as ‘Head of Digital Engagement’ on The Royal Household website.

In the information given about the post, it has been told that for the related post, 37.5 hours job will have to be done every week. This is a permanent job. It has also been told that about 26.5 lakh rupees (30 thousand euro) will be paid annually for the post concerned. The salary package will be decided based on the experience of the application. Many more facilities will be given in this job. These facilities include 15 percent employer pension scheme (after 6 months), 33 holidays and free lunch.

In the advertisement issued for the job, it has been told that the same person will be selected for the relevant post. Whose content has got more than a million views. The job is also about finding new ways to maintain the queen’s presence in public view and on the world stage. The job explained that you need to create content for social networking and digital platforms. This includes our newly launched website. Apart from this, research and feature articles will also have to be written.