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Girnar ropeway likely to begin operations from October 17


One of the most popular pilgrimage places in Gujarat- Girnar- will soon have an operational ropeway. The ropeway that has been under construction for some time is likely to be operational from October 17 this year.

The project’s foundation was laid in 2007 by the then chief minister of Gujarat and now the prime minister of India Narendra Modi. There are speculations that Modi may inaugurate the ropeway.

The project when initially envisioned had a cost of Rs32 crore but now has been completed at a cost of close to Rs100 crore.

The ropeway will have 16 cabins which will allow 16 people to travel at a time to the top of the Girnar hill. It will take mere 9 minutes for the ropeway to travel from one end to the top of the hill.

The ropeway is at a height of 3500 to 3700 mt from the ground station. The ropeway will offer two-way service which means the passengers can also use it to return from the hilltop.

Passengers using the service will be given an hour after reaching Girnar to return to the ground station.

The tickets are likely to be priced at Rs700. The palanquin bearers who help carry pilgrims, who are unable to climb the hilltop, offer the service at Rs4000 per person.

Govt to construct shops for palanquin bearers in Girnar

The ropeway is likely to rob the livelihood of the palanquin bearers. The government has announced plans to offer them alternative shops in and around the pilgrimage place.

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The Tourism Corporation of Gujarat Limited (TCGL) said it will construct 104 shops for palanquin-bearers at a cost of Rs1.14 crore and Tourism Minister Jawahar Chavda in August laid the foundation stone of the project to construct the same.

The shops are likely to be ready in a year and handed over to the palanquin bearers.

The shops will come up in the parking lot opposite the District Panchayat Guest House in Bhavnath Taleti, the foothill of mount Girnar. It will be 500 mt from the ground station.

Some four years ago, the palanquin-bearers had moved the Gujarat High Court (HC) opposing the project because they would lose their livelihood once the ropeway becomes operational.

The government had at that time promised that the livelihood of the palanquin bearers would be safeguarded.


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