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German Student at IIT Madras Asked to Leave Country for Joining Anti-CAA Protest


Protests are being held all over the country these days against the Citizenship Amendment Act. While the police are trying to spread fear by registering FIRs on the common men, people associated with the film world also have to get work due to the protest. Jakob Lindenthal, an exchange student from Dresden, Germany, who was pursuing MSc physics at IIT, Madras, was asked to leave the country for taking part in a protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Chennai last week.

Jakob Lindenthal before taking a flight from Chennai to Germany on Monday night said that he had received the oral instructions to leave India from the Foreign Regional Registration Office (FRRO) Chennai in the afternoon.Earlier, he had took part in a Protest in Chennai against CAA and NRC, where he was seen carrying a poster that had reference to the Nazi regime in Germany.In the poster it was written, “1933 to 1945; We Have Been There“.

Yakob was in Bengaluru for the last few days to participate in a sports tournament. He said that he got the first email from FRRO right there. On Monday morning when he reached to Chennai, the course coordinator told him to meet immigration officials immediately.

When I answered all their questions related to living, they started asking me about my interests and politics. He also questioned my participation in the protests against CAA. There were three officers, one of whom was questioning. At the end of the conversation, he said that I may have to leave India for violating the student visa. When I asked him to give it in writing, they returned my passport and said that I can go now. They said that a written letter will be given to you, but I have not received the letter yet. Soon after, I returned to the camps packed my luggage, booked the ticket and left for the airport.