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Committed to e-publish all gazetted notification, Gujarat tells high court


The state government has filed an affidavit before the Gujarat High Court stating that it is committed to e-publish all the gazetted notification and the process to do so is at an advanced stage.

The affidavit stated that a committee for this has already been constituted and a report has also been submitted. Based on the report a URL – has already been allotted by the science and technology department of Gujarat. Also, the approval for publishing e-gazette notifications has already been granted by GAD.

A PIL filed through advocate – Bandish Soparkar before the Gujarat High Court seeking direction to the state to upload the official gazette on the e-portal. The advocate appearing for the petitioner submitted that 22 state governments along with the Centre upload their notifications online, while Gujarat is not complying with the same.

Government pleader Manisha Lav Kumar on behalf of the state submitted that they were aware of the issue and it has already got the attention of the concerned department.

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A committee is already constituted which has submitted its preliminary report and very soon the government would be coming up with relevant rules, regulations, and the website, placing all gazetted notification on e-portal, the pleader had said.

We are coordinating with the NIC, as the volume of gazetted documents is huge, the pleader said. The state has sought six weeks to respond to the matter.

What court said about gazetted notification

Reacting to the government pleader’s request to grant six weeks the Gujarat High Court asked “Why has Gujarat not done this earlier, the state is ahead in technology, why so much delay?”

Responding to the court’s oral observation the advocate appearing for the petitioner argued that it could be because of transparency as the government is not happy to disclose everything.

Replying to the petitioner’s advocate Gujarat High Court said, “Why would the state do that as gazetted notifications are public documents?”

The petitioner’s advocate said that before coming to the high court, he wrote multiple times to the concerned departments about the issue but did not get any response.

The Gujarat High Court suggested that the state could in the initial stages of setting up an e- portal put up at least what is new including future documents.

Previous gazetted notification may be uploaded within the next 4 to 6 months, it said.

The gazette notifications are authorised legal documents of the government of India and uploaded on the e-gazette website. These gazetted documents include notification, orders, statutory rules among others. There are two types of gazette – weekly gazette and extraordinary gazette.


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