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Toxic gas leak triggers panic near Vavta GIDC in Ahmedabad

  • Officials of Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services, GPCB and police rushed to the spot; no clue regarding origin of gas leak found yet  

Gandhinagar: A hazardous gas leak in phase 4 of Vatva GIDC in the eastern part of Ahmedabad on Monday night triggered panic among residents of Machhunagar. The residents alleged that the gas had been released by one of the factories in the vicinity. As the gas spread, they started complaining of burning in the eyes, difficulty in breathing and nausea. Chaos ensued as the symptoms aggravated.

On getting information of the gas leak, teams of Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services (AFES), city police and Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) rushed to the spot. They inspected eight companies but could not find out about its source. Subsequently, they placed four machines to detect the gas. However, former Hathijan corporator Atul Patel said these machines would not be able to provide any clarity on the source of the leak.

Patel had informed the AFES, GPCB and police about the gas leak following a complaint by Machhunagar resident Bharat Bharwad.

“Two residents had to be taken to LG Hospital after facing increased difficulty in breathing. However, after breathing fresh air on the way, they felt better and were brought back home. Others complained of burning sensation in the eyes and nausea,” said Patel.

Sources claim that factories often open the gas valve late in the night to release toxic gases. Such a situation would arise if the valve was left open for a longer period. They added that authorities of the erring factory would have been alerted by the visit of the GPCB officials.



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