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Garba association in Rajkot wants govt to allow Garba classes


The Garba Association in Rajkot has written to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani to allow Garba classes to function in the state. It said the livelihood of over 5,000 people is closely associated with Garba classes in the city and district. It also said that the classes can also be a good way to help relieve stress during COVID-19 times.

Local media reports quoted Garba Association chief Raj Gadhvi as saying that aerobics, fitness and yoga classes are allowed to function under Unlock 4.0. He said Garba classes should also be allowed to function. He said it is also a good way to stay fit.


He said videos of COVID-19 patients playing Garba in hospitals to help relieve stress and create a positive atmosphere has also gone viral. The classes can be a good way to create positive vibes.

The association said they would follow all COVID-19 norms including social distancing and mask if the classes were allowed to function.

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Gadhvi said apart from the livelihood of 5,000 people it was perhaps the only form of exercise which people enjoyed doing for over 2 hours.

He said the dance and music associated with Garba will also help act as a mood booster for people under stress due to COVID-19 fear.

No decision untill Aug 31: Govt

Garba organisers across Gujarat had chief minister Vijay Rupani in July to discuss the concerns about organising Garba during COVID-19 times. At that time the chief minister refused to commit anything up to August 30.

He reportedly told the organisers that the matter was not even under consideration up to August 30.

Rupani had said a decision will only be taken after taking into account the COVID-19 situation in the state post-August 30. It should be noted that the COVID-19 cases in the state has been on the rise with the state recording over 1,300 cases for close to a week now.

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