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Gangsters on AMC radar: After Baku Saiyyed, Nazir Vora’s illegal shops demolished in Ahmedabad

  • Amid police bandobast, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation razes 18 illegal shops owned by the local gangster in Juhapura on Monday

Ahmedabad: The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s crackdown on illegal constructions by anti-social elements in the city continues. This time, it has started with anti-social elements. Days after demolishing shops constructed illegally by Sultan gang member Baku Saiyyed Pathan in a non-TP area in Juhapura, the Estate department of the civic body carried out a similar exercise in the area on Monday. The 18 shops razed on Monday belonged to gangster Nazir Vora. Just like earlier, the demolition was carried out amid full police bandobast.

Vora had illegally constructed two storeys for shops in Aliza complex situated opposite Haji Baba ni Dargah in the area. The AMC had earlier issued notices against the construction. Later it had sought police bandobast to carry out the demolition. The 18 shops were constructed on an approximate area of 360 square metres.

An AMC officer said, “The construction was illegal and we had issued notice to them earlier to demolish it. However, nothing was done about it. So, we demolished it. The drive will continue in coming days.

Sources on condition of anonymity said that local gangsters like Vora, Baku Saiyyed, Kalu Gardan and others have several illegal constructions in Juhapura. With AMC going after these constructions, it is believed that this will give out a strong signal to others and they may bring remove encroachments on their own.

Baku Saiyyed’s shops were located opposite Nauman Park in Fatehwadi in Juhapura area. They were demolished on the Estate department on Saturday.


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