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Gang prints Rs11 L fake currency to buy magical stone (Sulemani Patthar), nabbed


The Gujarat ATS nabbed a gang that was into printing fake currency notes and recovered Rs11 lakh of currency notes from them.

Interestingly, the gang had printed the money to buy a magical stone (Sulemani Patthar) that ensured its holder never suffered any injuries, however sharp a weapon was. 

One of the members of the gang had been on the police’s wanted list for over three years.

What is the Sulemani Patthar?

Kamlesh Parmar, resident of Sabarkantha’s Jivanpur village in Talod taluka and his friends decided to buy the magical stone (Sulemani Patthar).

The Sulemani Patthar was being sold by another gang of thugs who were promoting the magical properties of the stones. 

The gang would even demonstrate its magical properties, attacking members with knives and such who magically appeared to suffer no injuries if they held the stone in their hands.

Since Parmar and friends did not have Rs11 lakh to buy the stones, they decided to print the money

They printed currency note of Rs2000 amounting to Rs11 lakh. The ATS not only nabbed Parmar and friends but also the gang that had been promoting and selling Sulemani Patthar. In all, six people were arrested by the ATS.

Parmar had been absconding in another case for the last three years.


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