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Gandhi Ashram Precinct Development Project: AMC allocates Rs 273 crore, hires consultant for Phase 1

  • The estimated cost of the entire project is Rs 1,200 crore

Ahmedabad: The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is gearing up for the Gandhi Ashram Precinct Development Project, announced by the central and state governments. The civic body has already hired a consultant for the first phase and allocated Rs 273 crore for the same. The decision regarding this was taken at the standing committee meeting.

The first phase will cover levelling of land and setting up of drainage and water lines

The estimated cost of the project is Rs 1,200 crore. At the moment, there is no clarity on AMC’s share of expenditure in this project.

It was in 1917 that Mahatma Gandhi established the Satyagraha Ashram on the banks of the Sabarmati, two years after setting up Kochrab Ashram. After independence, the Satyagrah Ashram came to be known as Gandhi Ashram. The 120 acres of land on which the ashram was built was subsequently divided among six trusts, including Prayog Samiti, Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust, Gujarat Harijan Sevak Sangh, Sabarmati Harijan Ashram Trust and Gaushala.

The central government now plans to develop 140 acre area around the Gandhi Ashram at a cost of 1,200 crore. Around 200-250 families whom Gandhiji had settled here too live here. The Centre has been trying to provide compensation and make alternate arrangements for these families so that they may vacate the premises. Retired IAS officer IK Patel was sent for implementation of the project. An IPS officer, too, was tasked with convincing the residents to move elsewhere. A committee led by the Collector has also been formed to take the project further.

With the Sabarmati precinct development project on the track, AMC has hired a consultant for the first phase. In this phase, the land near the Chandrabhaga canal will be levelled, following which water and drainage lines as well as other facilities will be developed.



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