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Former CM Fadnavis Summoned by Nagpur Local Court for not Disclosing 2 Criminal Matters


Maharashtra: Nagpur(Sadar) Police on Thursday delivered a summons, issued by a local court to former Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, in connection with a case where he is accused of concealing information about two criminal matters against him in election affidavit.

Fadnavis was alleged to have not disclosed 2 ongoing criminal cases in his affidavit made during the 2014 assembly elections. The petitioner contended that Fadnavis did so in violation of Section 125A of the Representation Act 1951. In this connection, the Lower Court and the HC said that there was no case against Fadnavis at first glance. The applicant said that it was legally mandatory for the candidate to report all criminal cases. It was clarified by the Fadnavis government that the first issue was of defamation, in which the HC gave relief to former CM Devendra Fadnavis. Another issue is the tax on slum property. Both of these cases were in the public interest, with no personal interest. The petitioner later knocked on the door of the SC on 1st October, the SC rejected the Bombay High Court order and ordered Fadnavis to stand trial.

Earlier in his mouthpiece, Shiv Sena targets the former CM Devendra Fadnavis and wrote, “The previous government has been in debt for five years and has kept a debt of 5 lakh crore. The newspaper wrote, ‘Uddhav Thackeray’s government in Maharashtra will be stable by passing all the tests of truth and justice. In five years, the Fadnavis government, which had a debt of Rs 5 lakh crore on the state, was gone. Therefore, the resolution that the new Chief Minister has taken the caution.

Cases of cheating and forgery were filed against Fadnavis in 1996 and 1998, but charges were not framed in both the matters. Uke alleged that Fadnavis did not disclose this information in his election affidavits.