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First Lady Melania Incorporates a Hint of Indian Touch Into Her Attire


US President Donald Trump landed at Ahmedabad Airport. Trump is accompanied by wife and first lady Melania, daughter Ivanka, son-in-law Jared Kushner and his delegation. The US first couple was welcomed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on their arrival in India. When America’s first lady Melania Trump stepped on Indian soil, her dress captivated everyone. But very few people will know that this dress is related to the heritage of Indian textiles and Melania took off her hat and showed respect to this heritage. Melania was wearing a white jumpsuit and silk belt.

Her outfit, however, did have an Indian touch in the green sash. French-American designer Herve Pierre, who sometimes acts as Melania Trump’s stylist, took to Instagram to explain suit he said, “The sash was cut in an early XX century Indian textile documents I found in Paris through very good friends who are collectors. The sash is made out of green silk and gold metallic thread. We used the border which was the most Interesting piece we could use as it was a vintage piece.”

Melania is Known for her body-con dressing, penchant for tailoring and fit-and-flare silhouettes, Melania Trump hit all the right sartorial notes on her arrival to India. She has wore the dress that is related with the heritage of Indian Textiles and she also shows respect to the heritage of India.