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Fire brigade emergency line went dead thrice in last one month


The emergency numbers 101 and 102 that citizens can call in case of fire and medical emergencies had gone kaput thrice in last one month. 

The number at the Fire Brigade’s Control room was not reachable but since no major fire was reported in the city, the matter went unnoticed.


The emergency number 101 is to alert a fire brigade while 102 is in case of medical emergencies.

Although many now prefer to dial 108 Ambulance service for medical emergencies. 

Despite being the emergency numbers, the lines went dead thrice in last one month.

Change on campus

The Fire Brigade Control room originally functioned in Danapith but was later shifted to the AMC’s office in the same area.

It now operates from the building opposite the Mahadev Temple in the AMC campus.

The control room was shifted as a new building for fire brigade was being built at the original place.

Even the office of the Chief Fire Officer was shifted to Jamalpur in the city.

After the shift happened, the phone lines went dead thrice in the control room.

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The first time the lines remained unreachable for 24 hours on June 27. It again went dead on July 30 at around 7.45 pm.

A source in the fire department confirmed that the phone lines went dead thrice but no one could remember all the dates when it was not functioning.

Interestingly, the department does not have an official record of the same.

A fire brigade official said even if the numbers went dead, the caller would be directed to other lines.

So essentially, it should not affect a caller, he said.

He said a jumping system ensured that a call when made is directed to another line if it cannot be connected for any reason.

No social distancing at callcentre

A fire official said that since their building was under construction, they had shifted to a new cabin within the AMC compound.

As a result, seven to eight people were sitting in one single cabin and it was not possible to maintain social distancing.

They said it increased the chances of getting infected even if one person were to test positive.

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