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Fire at ICD Khoraj behind mysterious foul odour in city?


The Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) in a tweet said that the mysterious unpleasant odour that was being reported from several parts of the city could have been a result of a fire incident involving containers at ICD Khoraj. GPCB in the tweet said that details are being collected.

It should be noted that various parts of the city particularly, the west, has been reporting a strange foul smell since May 1. The Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services (AFES) has got over 300 calls related to the incident from various parts of the city including Bopal, Maninagar, Prahladnagar and Vadaj.

Initially it was suspected that some sort of pesticide may be released in the air and the breeze would have scattered it to different places. Broken sewage lines, spilled industrial waste, leaked gas were some of the other theories doing the rounds. Citizens also took to Twitter to complain about the odour. Many also questioned GPCB’s response stating that if it was a fire incident why was the odour being experienced only in the evening.

Earlier, the fire department after getting several calls had said that it was unable to know the source of the foul odour. It had also rushed several personnel to various areas but still could not find out the source.