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Fire at COVID-19 hospital in Chhota Udepur, no casualties


A fire broke out in the COVID-19 ward of a hospital in Bodeli in Chhotaudepur on Wednesday morning. No casualties were reported in the incident and all patients were safely shifted to another floor of the same hospital.

The fire was reported from the second floor of Bodeli Dhokalia Public Hospital where 10 COVID-19 patients were under treatment.


All the patients were safely rescued and some were shifted to other hospitals.

Media quoted chief district health officer Dr Mahesh Chaudhary as saying that the fire was a minor one and was a result of a short-circuit. It happened in the morning but was immediately controlled by the staff.

He said three patients were later discharged as they tested negative for COVID-19. Seven others were shifted to other hospitals in Chhotaudepur town. Of the seven patients, two were admitted to the district hospital while five were shifted to a COVID-19 facility in Polytechnic College in Chhotaudepur town.

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The hospital is run by a trust and the second floor was converted into a COVID-19 facility.

He said the patients had to be shifted as the electrical wiring was damaged and it will take some time to replace the same.

Second fire incident in COVID-19 facility in Gujarat

A fire in the ICU of Shrey Hospital on August 6 early morning ended up killing eight COVID-19 patients under treatment. 41 other patients were rescued and moved to the SVP Hospital.

The state government also ordered a judicial inquiry headed by a retired judge of the Gujarat High Court KA Punj. The inquiry is to be finished and a report submitted in three months. 

It is alleged that the hospital did not have a fire safety system in place. It was also functioning with an expired fire NOC. All that it had for fire safety were a few extinguishers all of which were stored in the godown below the hospital, sources said earlier.

The two-member team set up for the initial investigation, in its report, said that all the windows in the ICU were bolted which prevented the smoke from escaping thus aggravating the situation. It said there were no fire alarms which could have quickly alerted the staff about the fire.

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