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Fighting pandemic to building Ram Temple – Modi 2.0 is historical


Pravin Joshi, Ahmedabad: The first two years of Modi 2.0 has been historical. Historical in many senses. From revocation of Article 370 to promulgation of CAA, and from securing verdict for Ram temple construction to handling the deadliest pandemic of the century – Modi’s 24 months tenure has been action filled 24X7. The second term of Modi will be remembered for taking decisions keeping populist views in mind unlike his first term when decisions of ‘notebandi’ and GST introduction created a flutter in the majority.

The day Narendra Modi took the oath of pradhan Sevak for the second time, his government swung into action. In the first cabinet meeting, Modi decided to expand the scope of the PM KISAN scheme from small and marginal farmers to irrespective of landholding. The cash assistance of Rs 6,000 annually to farmers under this scheme is an unprecedented decision.
Modi’s second avatar is replete with bold decisions, which had so far remained confined to BJP’s manifesto and RSS agenda for decades.

Critics may term all his decisions pro-Hindus, but the fact on the ground is that all his decisions evoked popular sentiments in his favour and won votes for his party. With landslide majority in the parliament, Modi government repealed more than 50 archaic laws which it claimed has been done to achieve maximum governance. No eyebrow was raised against repealing of such laws till the government decided to amend the age-old Essential Commodity Act while introducing two new farm laws aimed at ensuring barrier-free remunerative farming for poor farmers. These reforms didn’t go well with a section of farming community and opposition and put a roadblock on the reform highway.

Coronavirus is just like Pakistan Army which is known to retort after losing the battle post. The second wave of the virus caught us napping after the first wave troughed.
Narendra Damodar Das Modi is familiar with Pakistani misadventure. He has taught them a stern lesson through the surgical strike. Now people of the India waits for his surgical strike against the deadly virus which is not only a threat to our people but to entire humankind.

Determined to help farmers double their income, Modi remained firm on demands of repealing reformist farm laws by unwavering farmers mainly from Punjab and Haryana.
The biggest challenge for Modi in his second term came n the form of a global pandemic that not only claimed thousands of innocent lives but broke the backbone of the economy. The growth caught in reverse spin and declined to -21%. In the history of independent India, Covid-19 has been the biggest tragedy to humankind. Before this, the only nationwide pandemic was the Spanish Flu which devastated India in 1918 – during the British era.

Modi perhaps adopted the right strategy – called for nationwide lockdown even before the virus spread, opened state coffers to save livelihood and encouraged vaccination programme. But he read it wrong in the dying seconds of this big battle. Before reaching the critical vaccination, he sort of blew the victory trumpet only to lose more lives in the second wave – more devastation.

(The writer is a social communication expert and political analyst)


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