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Father of 5 throws acid on wife, daughter, severely injures them


A father of five in Vejalpur threw acid at his wife and daughter severely injuring both. The incident happened on Sunday. This is the second incident in a week of a father attacking his own family with acid.

Police said the accused Babubhai Thakor lives with his family of six in Aekaldevnagar in Vejalpur.

He has a wife Sharda, two daughters Rekha and Jaya and three sons Vishnu, Karan and Arjun. His daughter Rekha lives with her in-laws while his divorced daughter Jaya lives with Babubhai and his wife.

The complaint said that Babubhai often fought with his wife over silly things and would get annoyed even if she talked to anyone.

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Fights between the couple were constant and the family was afraid that they would be asked to vacate their rented place if the fights continued. Hence they did not allow Babubhai to live with them to avoid the fights.

How the acid attack took place

On Sunday, Sharda and her daughter Jaya had gone to a shop to buy Fafda-Jalebi and Babubhai had gone there and beaten up his wife.

He then returned home and began beating his wife again. The sons called the police but Sharda avoided filing a complaint against her husband.

Sharda then went to sleep but the family was woken up by her shouts in the early morning. The son found his father running away. Babubhai had thrown acid on his family, severely injuring his wife and daughter. His son also suffered minor injuries.

The mother-daughter duo was rushed to Civil Hospital while Vejalpur police have registered a case and are on the lookout for the father.


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