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Farmers’ union moves SC against farm laws


A farmers’ union has approached the Supreme Court against the three farm laws that has resulted in widespread protests throughout the country.

The Bharatiya Kisan Union has approached the apex court saying that the new farm laws promote corporate interest and are not concerned with the interest of farmers. It has appealed that it should be made a party in the pending litigations on the subject.

New laws are against farmers

The union has claimed that the farm laws are unconstitutional and anti-farmer. It has also said that the new laws would end the Agriculture Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) system that is in place to ensure fair prices for farm products.

“The implementation of the acts in its current form will spell disaster for the farming community by opening a parallel market which is unregulated and gives enough place for the exploitation of the Indian farmers,” the application said.

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It claimed that farmers are “very much scared that these acts also lead to the corporatisation of the entire agriculture market and the prices can be driven up or down by the corporates”.

SC held farmers have the right to protest

While hearing the matter related to farmers’ protest, a bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde had on December 17 said that farmers’ agitation should be allowed to continue “without impediment” and the apex court will not interfere with it as the right to protest is a fundamental right.

While acknowledging the right to non-violent protest of farmers, the apex court had last week observed that farmers’ right to protest should not infringe the fundamental rights of others to move freely and in getting essential food and other supplies as right to protest cannot mean blockade of the entire city.

The court had also asked the Centre to put the implementation of the laws on hold for the time being and form a committee of all stakeholders to end the stalemate.


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