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Farmers Threatened Mass Suicide Due to Lack of Irrigation Facility


North Gujarat, Rajasthan border Water is not being available for the irrigation of winter crops for farmers. Irrigation facility is provided by canal within a day or two after various tactic application including siege and memorandum and it is then closed again. Angered by this attitude of the government, about 300 farmers in Raacheena and surrounding villages have threatened to commit mass suicide by submitting a memorandum to Sub divisional Magistrate. Farmers said in the memo that if they were not given water from canal for irrigation, they would commit mass suicide.

Gujarat has received more than 140 percent rainfall this year. Due to the great cyclone that came here last month, farmers crops have also been destroyed. Now they are facing a crisis for irrigation. Farmers of Vap Taluka of North Gujarat have taken out a rally and submitted a memorandum to Sub divisional Magistrate KK Thakor. Farmers demand that they be provided irrigation facility by commissioning Minor one and two. So far this season, they had denied this facility. If water facility is not available till Saturday, then 300 farmers will commit mass suicide in front of Sub divisional Magistrate office.

The farmers said that their condition is getting worse day by day due to non availability of Narmada water. Hundreds of farmers are in debt. Now this debt is increasing. According to them, the government should focus on the farmers. Since the crop is support of income for the farmers. If the farmers crop is ruined, how will they feed and nurture their family? On the other hand, Sub divisional Magistrate KK Thakor told that an effort will be made to solve the problems of irrigation for the farmers immediately. After consulting the ministers and department concerned, the next step will be taken in the interest of the farmers.