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Farmers protest: Talks end in stalemate, Centre’s proposal rejected


The talk between the Centre and the farmers on agriculture laws ended once again in a stalemate on Friday. This is the eleventh time that the two sides are meeting. Farmers have refused to accept the center’s latest proposal – to put the controversial laws on hold for a year-and-a-half.

Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar reportedly told farmers the ball is in your court. No date for the next round of talks was announced.

“Talks remained inconclusive as farmers’ welfare was not at the heart of talks from the unions’ side. I am sad about it… We asked them to reconsider our proposal as it is in the interest of farmers and the country,” Tomar was quoted by the media.

He said the Centre was open to the farmers’ proposals other than the repeal of the Acts.
Farmer leaders said today’s meeting was only for 20 minutes and the government said it has done what it can do.

The farmers-center deadlock

The farmers want all three laws to be scrapped and that the center provide legal guarantees for the MSP. The Centre has offered written guarantees for MSP.

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As of now, it has halted the laws as per the Supreme Court order which had stayed the implementation of the laws for two months. The apex court also criticised the center for its inability to resolve the agitation and have set up a committee to resolve the dispute.

Farmers have opposed the committee saying it is made up of members favouring the law. The farmers have also said that they will hold their tractor rally through Delhi on January 26.

The Centre earlier appealed against it saying it would cause embarrassment for the nation. It also moved the Supreme Court in the matter which said it was a matter of “law and order” and had to be decided by Delhi Police.


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