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Farmers of Gujarat are Affected with the Spread of Locust Ravaging the Crops


Palanpur: For the several days the farmers of Gujarat were not going into their farmers because of the locust. Now the swarms of the locusts that are ravaging the crops of Banaskantha and Patan district had reached to the Mehsana district on Sunday.

But now the farmers of Gujarat are upset with the attack of locusts, moving away from the leopard. Farmers living in more than 46 villages of 7 Taluka of North Gujarat Banaskantha district are seen troubled by the locust terror these days. 18 teams of District Locust Control Department and Agriculture Department are working in Vav, Suigam, Bhabhar, Lakhani, Deesa, and Vadgam talukas of Banaskantha. Currently, the team has served 2325 hectares and sprayed pesticides in about 505 hectares.

Banaskantha collector Sandip Sagle, who visited the affected areas said, “The swarm has been divided in to four parts and taken to different areas after hitting villages including Pendagda, Malan Dhandha, Kupar, Ambliyal and Malan of Palanpur and Jalotra Mumanvas, Moriya in Vadgam taluka. These are now seen in Khari,Umari and Tallegadh villages of Satlasna in Mehsana.”

Farmers suffering from the terror of locusts growing in these areas are demanding spraying of pesticide medicine through helicopters so that the locust does not cause much damage to the crops. At the same time, the Congress is also demanding from the Gujarat government about this matter that the farmers should try to solve this problem as soon as possible.