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Farmers may protest, but can’t block roads indefinitely: Supreme Court


New Delhi: The Supreme Court has once again expressed concern over the blocking of road by farmers protesting against farm laws. On Thursday, the Apex Court noted that while they have the right to protest, roads cannot be blocked indefinitely.

Noida resident Monicca Agarwal had filed a petition seeking removal of protesters from the roads of the capital.

The bench, headed by Justice SK Kaul and comprising Justice MM Sundresh, has given farmers’ unions three weeks’ time to file their response to the petition. The matter will now be heard on December 7.

The bench observed that farmers have a right to protest, but cannot block roads indefinitely. “You may have a right to agitate in any manner but roads should not be blocked like this. People have right to go on roads but it cannot be blocked,” it added.

It noted that some solution would have to be found ultimately. “We are not averse to their right to protest even when a legal challenge is pending, but roads cannot be blocked,” the court said.

During a hearing earlier, the Supreme Court had lashed out at farmers saying they had strangulated Delhi by blocking highways and roads. It had pointed out that citizens had equal rights to move freely and without fear, adding that farmers should have faith in the judiciary.


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