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Famous Urdu Author Mujtaba Hussain to Return Padma Shri Award in Protest Against CAA


Famous Urdu author,humorist and satirist Padma Shri award winner Mujtaba Hussain on Tuesday has announced that he will return his award to the government. He said that he has taken this decision in view of the present condition of the country. He called the citizenship Act an attack for democracy.

Hussain said,”Our democracy is being shattered. There is no system prevailing now. Someone is being administered the oath at 7 am in the morning. The governments are being made during the night. There is an atmosphere of fear in the country.”

He said, “The unrest in the country, the atmosphere of fear which is being created, and the flame of hatred which is being fanned is truly disturbing. The democracy which we worked for with so much pain and effort, and the way in which it is being destroyed, is condemnable. In these circumstances, I do not wish to keep any government award in my possession.”

Commenting on the NRC and the Citizenship Amendment Act, he said that he has been 87 years old and is very concerned about the future of the country. He said that he is very worried about how he will leave the country for his children and the coming generation.

Mujtaba Hussain is the brother of Mehboob Jigar Hussain. Mehboob Jigar Hussain, along with Abid Ali Khan, started the Urdu daily newspaper Siasat Daily. Mujtaba Hussain is known for his books America Ghaans Kaat Raha Hai, a take on US foreign policy, Japan Chalo and many others and other books. He used to write a column of satire in the political daily newspaper titled ‘Tanz-o-Mizaah’. He is well known in Urdu circles around the world.