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On the Visit of President Trump; Government is Hiding Slums Behind Walls


Ahmadabad: US President Donald Trump is set to pay a State visit to India on 24 and 25 February at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Gujarat government has started the preparations for Trump’s visit. The picture of many areas of Ahmadabad has been changed. The sight of slums areas is shielded by a newly constructed walls. The government of Gujarat is spending money like anything on the welcome of US President, Donald Trump. This money is not an income of government but is collected from the tax paid by the public. It is an attempt to create a picture of Gujarat where the poor are covered, not poverty. Whenever visit of Foreign Delegates and Presidents happens in Gujarat, the roads and bridges are especially washed and decorated to hide the true image of the state. The paths of the city suddenly starts sparkling on these occasions.

But this time the government has taken a step to brighten up the state which is been opposed by many people. People are questioning the govt’s intention. Meanwhile a it has been observed that the main opposition party, the Congress, is quite on this matter. They might support this decision of the Gujarat government.

The BJP, which has been enjoying power for the last 27 years in Gujarat, has failed to eradicate poverty. Despite being in power in Gujarat for more than 27 years, poverty has steadily increased. The Gujarat government is adopting a policy of hiding the poor instead of improving the condition of the poor to show a false model of development in the country and abroad.

In order to escape the poverty of Ahmadabad from the eyes of Donald Trump, the Gujarat government has constructed a kilometer long wall to Indira Bridge to hide Sarania habitat near Ahmadabad Airport. More than 5,000 poor and needy people live in slums behind a kilometer long wall. This wall, designed to show false pride, has made the lives of people living behind the wall and in poverty more complicated.

In this connection, a local man said that “The wall will act like a prison for the poor. In the rainy season, our houses will be flooded due to the wall, not only this, many other problems will occur.”BJP government failed to eradicate poverty by ignoring many issues of common man and poor have given. Earlier, when Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrived in Ahmadabad, curtains were put up to hide the poor. Therefore, by eliminating the mess of curtains every time, now the Rupani government has decided to build a wall.

Is govt. hiding poverty by building walls or hiding its failure?

The Gujarat government has tried to hide the poverty and the plight of the people by building a wall in front of the slums coming from Ahmadabad airport to Hansol circle. Because of this, an atmosphere of anger is visible among the people living here. In fact, the government is not trying to hide poverty but is trying its best to hide its 27 years of failure.

During the election campaign, the Bharatiya Janata Party diverted the attention of the people from the current problems and important issues by raising the wall in the hearts of the people of the country through Hindu-Muslim, temple-mosque, Pakistan-traitor etc. In Delhi assembly election, many hateful statements of BJP leaders came during the election campaign, which was enough to create a wall between the two communities. Now a wall is being built in front of foreign guests to hide their failures and faking development in Gujarat.

The visit of President Trump is important in many ways, it is expected to benefit the country greatly, but behind there more than Indian Politics. There is a presidential election in the USA in November 2020, before which Trump is trying to influence American-Gujaratis. But the question is why the Congress party, which surrounds the government on every issue, is silent on this step of Gujarat govt. Does the Congress agrees with the Gujarat government’s decision of covering the poor behind the wall?