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Fake marksheet manufacturing unit busted in Vastrapur


The Vastrapur cops in the city turned students to expose a fake marksheet making gang operating in Ahmedabad. Police got a tip-off that a couple of people were running a fake marksheet/certificate scam from one Ramjarukha Apartment in Bodakdev. 

The cop sent a few of their members as potential students/clients and nabbed two people red-handed. Police said the gang offered Gujarat University fake marksheets for Rs10 lakh and Madras University ones for Rs3 lakh.


They also offered fake transcripts, regional certificates among others.  Two of the gang members have been nabbed while the mastermind -Chintan Patel- is still absconding. Police are investigating as to how many such marksheets have been made by the gang so far.

A constable of Vastrapur police – Govindbhai Narsinhbhai- got a tip-off about the fake marksheet being manufactured at an apartment in Bodakdev. Investigations revealed that Prajesh Jani and Chintan Patel were involved in the business.

How the trap was set

The cops got a female constable to pose as a student who needed to buy a marksheet. The female constable Renuka got in touch with the gang members posing as a student who wanted to go abroad and hence wanted a fake marksheet of Gujarat University.

Renuka talked to one Chintan Patel who said the three-year graduate degree marksheet will cost Rs10 lakh. He also offered to provide an engineering diploma marksheet of Madras University for Rs3 lakh if she wanted to go abroad.

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He also offered fake migration certificates and transcripts. He said one Prajesh Jani will contact her for some more details and once the details are provided she will have the marksheet in a fortnight.

On July 30, Prajesh messaged Renuka and asked for her details like name, date of birth, parents name among others to make the marksheet.

On September 1, he informed Renuka that her marksheet was ready and that she can collect it by paying Rs3 lakh. He called her at the Ramjarukha Apartment in Bodakdev. Renuka agreed to collect it after a day as she had to arrange for the money.

Renuka then went to collect the marksheet accompanied by other cops in civvies. Two people were nabbed red-handed with the fake marksheets after they were handed over to Renuka.

Cops nabbed Prajesh Jani and Kalpesh Pathak. The latter is a resident of Dahegam.  Cops also recovered a bunch of fake certificates and marksheets from the accused.

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