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Ahmedabad gangrape case: Victim, others bought semen to make the complaint look real!


The Crime Branch has blown the lid off a case in which a fake gangrape case was filed by some men to get their opponents in a soup. The men also bought semen for Rs500 to sprinkle it in the place where the rape allegedly took place to make their complaint look real.

The fake gangrape case resulted in two innocent men having to spend 35 days in jail. The crime branch has filed a B summary report in the gangrape case and has asked that action needs to be taken against the accused and the woman who filed the fake rape case.

What was the gangrape complaint?

On January 2, a woman approached the Mahila Police Station in the east with a complaint of gangrape. She said when she was alone in the shop near Sunni Muslim Waqf Committee Chalis in Gomtirpur two men gangraped her taking advantage of the fact that the shop owner Niraj Gupta had left the shop.

The men Rajkumar Budranai, Sushil Bajja forced her into the backroom of the shop and gangraped her. They threatened to kill her if she breathed a word about the incident, the complaint said.

What probe revealed about gangrape?

The probe revealed that the rape complaint against Rajkumar and Sushil was orchestrated by one Irfan Ansari and Ajay Kodvani. Rajkumar and Sushil had in 2019 filed a complaint of cheating against Irfan and Ajay and the duo had to spend 40 days in jail. Irfan and Ajay wanted to avenge this.

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Irfan first rented a shop in Gomtipur in the name of his friend Niraj Gupta and asked his friend Faizul Ansari to arrange for a woman who can file the rape complaint.

The men got in touch with a woman from Andhra Pradesh and paid Rs1 lakh to her family to file the complaint. The woman was put up at Niraj Gupta’s house and her husband was given a job at the Railway station.

Gupta then spread the word that he owed Rs1 lakh to Rajkumar and Sushil and that they had been coming to the shop to threaten him.

Irfan meanwhile called Rajkumar and Sushil at Niraj’s shop to reach a compromise on the earlier cheating case against him. This gave the neighbors and others the impression that they had come to threaten Niraj about the Rs1 lakh that he allegedly owed them.

Irfan even bought semen for Rs500 from two men to sprinkle it in the room to make the gangrape complaint look like a genuine one.

A day before the gangrape was to be filed, Irfan got semen from two men for Rs500. As per the plan, they again called Rajkumar and Sushil at the shop to talk about the compromise. Once the men were in the shop for some time, Irfan spread a sheet in the backroom and spread semen on it, and arranged some broken glass bangles to make it look like rape had happened there. In the meantime, the woman went to the police station to file the gangrape complaint.

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How the gangrape case was cracked

Crime Branch cracked the case after the semen samples from the site of the crime did not match with that of the accused. Moreover, Niraj’s friend Manoj told the cops that Niraj had asked him to tell them that Rajkumar and Sushil wanted to get Rs1 lakh from him. But most importantly, the cops realised that none of the neighbours ever heard any commotion or shouting while the rape was going on.


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