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Fake doctor in Shahpur treated patients on basis of his brother’s medical degree!


A consumer protection forum on Monday helped the authorities nab a fake doctor in the city. The Consumer Protection and Action Committee (CPAC) tagged along with the patient of the fake doctor to nab him from the Shahpur Adda area in Ahmedabad. 

A complaint was also registered with the Shahpur Police station in this connection. The matter came to light after one Mukesh Darbar approached CPAC in connection with a consumer case. 


Patient approaches CPAC

Darbar, a resident of Goswami Vada in Gheekanta area approached CPAC after he began to develop an allergic reaction to a medicine that a doctor had given him. 

Darbar wanted to file a case against the doctor. He suspected that he had been given inferior quality medicine and wanted to ensure that other patients did not suffer a similar fate.

He told the organisation that he had approached Dr Nasir Kagdi, an ayurvedic practitioner (BAMS) on August 5 for some ailment. Dr Kagdi gave him some medicine and soon he developed a severe allergic reaction to the same. 

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CPAC president Mukesh Parikh and head of the women’s wing of the organisation Suchitra Paal visited Dr Kagdi’s clinic along with Darbar.

They demanded to see Dr Kagdi’s medical certificate and other documents to ascertain whether he indeed had the licence to be a registered medical practitioner.

Dr Kagdi said he was practising medicine and running the clinic based on the medical degree of his brother!.

Parikh soon informed the cops and a complaint was registered with the Shahpur Police station.

Parikh said that fake doctors are practising in several parts of the city endangering the life of gullible patients. A complaint has also been forwarded to the health department of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation as well as Food and Drug Control Department.

Parikh said there are at least 2000 such doctors functioning across Gujarat.

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