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Fadnavis Resigns from the Post of Maharashtra CM


Devendra Fadnavis quits form the post of CM on Tuesday after the Deputy CM leader of NCP Ajit Pawar tendered his resignation. He said that i will go to Raj Bhavan and sign the tender of my resignation and i wish them the best to whom who will form the government in the Maharashtra state. But the government will be very unstable because all the other Parties are having their different opinions.

You must have seen Bollywood’s famous movie “Nayak”. In which actor Anil Kapoor becomes the chief minister of Maharashtra for a day, but in real life, Devendra Fadnavis has become the person who became the chief minister for the shortest tenure in Maharashtra. However, he was not only the chief minister for one day, but was the chief minister for three days. He was sworn in as CM on November 23. However, he resigned on 26 November 26.

Earlier, there was PK Sawant, who held the post of CM for a very short time, who remained in the CM position for nine days. He was sworn in as the Chief Minister on November 25, 1963 and resigned on December 4, 1963. Vasantrao Naik held the post of Chief Minister of Maharashtra for 11 consecutive years.

On Saturday morning Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar had taken the oath as the CM and Deputy CM of the Maharashtra state.This is happening in the history of the politics that one by one the major twist is going on in the formation of government in Maharashtra. So one of the dramatic turn happens one again that both the CM and Deputy CM has resigns from the post. While the SC had ordered the floor test tomorrow at 5 pm where they have to give their majority.

Devendra fadnavis said that, Ajit Pawar had decided to help us in the formation of government. So after talking with him, we had formed the government on that basis. Today, when the SC gave the order of floor test, Ajit Pawar met and told me that he can’t continue in the alliance. He tendered his resignation. Since he had resigned, we don’t have the majority. I am going to go to the Governor and tender my resignation.

Fadnavis said,“The government was formed as Ajit Pawar gave a letter of support of all 54 of his party MLAs.” first we were having the 105 seats but after the support of Ajit Pawar the clear majority of 145 seats was with the BJP. But if the 3 parties will come in alliance they will not form the stable government in the state. Because each of the party has its different opinion.

When Devendra Fadnavis resigns from the post of CM. The NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik said that, “CM Devendra Fadnavis resignation is the victory for the people of Maharashtra. Jai Maharashtra.”

On this KC Venugopal said that there will be joint press conference of Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP In the meeting leader of joint legislative party will be elected, I think Uddhav will be elected. He further said that this resignation is a victory of constitutional democracy. They thought through horse trading they can make Govt. This is not only a failure of Devendra Fadnavis but also a slap on faces of their masters sitting in Delhi.

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