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Facebook bans BJP MLA for hate speech


Social media giant Facebook has banned BJP leader T Raja Singh for violating its content policy regarding hate and violence. The decision from Facebook comes following severe criticism for ignoring hate speech rules when it comes to BJP leaders.

Notably, T Raja Singh is a BJP MLA from Telangana’s Goshamahal Assembly constituency in Hyderabad.

Statement by Facebook

“We have banned Raja Singh for violating our policy prohibiting those that promote or engage in violence and hate from having a presence on our platform,” a company spokesperson said. The spokesperson added that the process for evaluating potential violators “is extensive and it is what led us to Facebook’s decision to remove his account”.

What the MLA claimed?

In a Twitter video posted on August 16, the MLA claimed that he does not have any official FB page. “I have got to know many FB pages are using my name. Let me clarify I’m not having any official page, I’m not responsible for any of their posts,” he had said.

Singh had also disowned communally-loaded posts and claimed that his official FB account was “hacked and blocked in 2018”.

In the video, Singh asserted that he was being projected in such a way that he was the most dangerous man in the entire world. He said it was being projected that whenever he says something on social media, something or the other happens.

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The MLA claimed that he had one official YouTube account and a Twitter account.

Facebook officials appear before parliamentary panel

Senior officials of Facebook India on Wednesday appeared before a parliamentary panel headed by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. They reportedly faced questions on their alleged bias in the implementation of hate speech rules. The officials were also asked to enlist instances when it acted upon hate speeches.

BJP launches scathing attack on FB

Recently, Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad wrote to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg alleging bias. Ravi Shankar Prasad said there was a concerted effort by Facebook India officials to delete pages of right-wing ideology.

In his letter, the Union minister blamed that “right from India MD to other senior officials, they all belong to a particular political belief.

FB employees abusing PM, ministers on record

The minister also said that Facebook employees are on record abusing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and senior Cabinet ministers while still working in the company and managing important positions.

“It is problematic when FB employees are on record abusing the Prime Minister and senior Cabinet Ministers of India while still working in Facebook India and managing important positions. It is doubly problematic when the bias of individuals becomes an inherent bias of the platform. And it is unacceptable when political biases of individuals impinge on the freedom of speech of millions of people,” the information technology minister said.


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