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Explosives, suicide vests recovered from home of alleged ISIS operative


Two days after the arrest of an alleged ISIS operative, the Delhi Police on Sunday claimed it has recovered multiple explosive devices and at least two suicide vest. The explosives and suicide vests were recovered from the house of the suspected terrorist in Uttar Pradesh.

Muhammad Mustakeem (alias Abu Yusuf) was arrested from Dhaula Kuan area in Delhi after a shoot out two days ago. Two pressure cookers, turned into IEDs (improvised explosive devices) with 15 kg of explosives and a pistol with four cartridges were recovered from him, reports said.


What was found at home of alleged ISIS operative

A team of Delhi police also cordoned off the village in Balrampur and has begun extensive questioning of everyone. Among the items recovered were two jackets containing seven explosive packets and a leather belt containing around 3 kg of explosives. The bombs have been safely removed.

In all 9 kg of explosives, several electric wires, transparent tapes and lithium batteries were also recovered. Media reports said the suspect had tested several smaller IEDs at a burial ground in the village.Media reports said Mustakeem visited several places in Delhi ahead of a lone wolf attack and was planning a terror strike in the city on Independence Day but could not carry it out due to heavy security.

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Media quoted top police officials as saying that the suspected terrorist was already under surveillance and was directly in touch with top commanders of ISIS. Mustakeem is being interrogated further to determine if he was acting alone or has accomplices in other parts of the country, who may be preparing for an attack, media reports said.

Earlier a doctor, Abdur Rahman, 28, in Bengaluru was arrested for his alleged links to ISIS. The ophthalmologist was working at a medical college in the city and was arrested by the National Investigation Agency based on intelligence from a couple arrested in Delhi in March.

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