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Expiry date must for all loose sweets sold in Gujarat from October 1 onwards


From today onwards, all sweet shops in the state selling loose sweets and confectionaries will have to mention the expiry date on the boxes in which the sweets are sold.

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has issued these directions to ensure the safety and hygiene of such food items.

In case of non-packaged/loose sweets, the container/tray holding the same should also display the best-before date of the product mandatorily with effect from October 1, 2020, the FSSAI said in an earlier notification.

The shopkeepers can also mark the date of manufacturing although it is voluntary.

The FSSAI website also provides an indicative list of shelf life of various types of sweets including traditional milk products.

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It has however empowered confectioners and sweet shop owners to decide and display the best-before date of sweets depending upon the nature of the product and the local conditions in each state.

What shopkeepers say about the expiry date of sweets

Shopkeepers meanwhile said that adding the best before date on boxes selling sweets will be an additional burden for them as they will have to get more workforce just to do that.

They also argued that in most sweet shops when loose sweets are sold, customers taste it once before buying. They check the freshness and most people who consume such sweets also know how long they will stay fresh.

The new rules will impact at least over 300 small and big shops in Vadodara alone. The shops are also expected to put the best before display date on the tray in which the sweets are displayed.

The civic bodies of the respective municipal corporations are likely to begin surprise checks at various sweet shops in the cities to know whether the new rule is being implemented or not.


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