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EU to hold meeting on Afghanistan crisis tomorrow, says Josep Borrell


Foreign ministers of European Union nations will hold a virtual meeting regarding the Afghanistan crisis on Tuesday. The development comes as the EU nations are desperately trying to evacuate their foreign and Afghan staff out of Kabul as the crisis intensified post the takeover of the capital by the Taliban.

The bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said, “Following latest developments in Afghanistan, and after intense contacts with partners in the past days and hours, I decided to convene an extraordinary VTC (video teleconference) of EU Foreign Ministers tomorrow afternoon for a first assessment.”

Borrell added, “Afghanistan stands at a crossroad. Security and wellbeing of its citizens, as well as international security are at play.”

Evacuation plan

Individual European countries are also scrambling to get their nationals and Afghan employees out as crowds mobbed the airport in Kabul frantic to board departing planes.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government is planning to deploy soldiers to Afghanistan to help with the evacuation of German nationals and Afghans in danger from the Taliban, parliamentary sources in Berlin said. France said it would evacuate its nationals and Afghan colleagues from the fallen capital Kabul on Monday to a base in the United Arab Emirates.

Visa for Afghan workers

EU officials are pleading with the bloc’s 27 capitals to give visas to Afghan workers at the bloc’s mission in Kabul and their families, estimated to number between 500 and 600, European diplomats said. The European Commission (EC) has no power to issue visas on its own behalf.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney told local radio that his country had already agreed visa waivers for 45 Afghans and was looking to take around 100 more.

End of war

As the US and allied forces left Afghanistan and the Taliban took over the presidential palace in Kabul, the terror group which is set to rule declared that war in the nation was over. The Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has already fled the country as the insurgents make their way into the capital city.

Notably, the Taliban took just over a week to seize control of the country, with little or no resistance. The Afghan forces that were trained by the US to fight against the Taliban played no role and just melted away that made the work easier for the terror group.


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