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Electricity Consumption Shows Decline of 22 to 19% in Maharashtra and Gujarat


Industrial and domestic electricity consumption is known from the demand curve, which is currently showing a decline. Maharashtra and Gujarat have recorded the largest decline. According to the CEA, there was a decline of 22 percent in Maharashtra and 19 percent in Gujarat in October. These are both industrial states.

As of 11 November, a total of 262 coal, lignite and nuclear units were stalled because of different reasons. Of these, 133 units had to be closed due to fall in demand. There are total of 119 power generating units located in North and West India, ‘Reserve Shutdown’. Reserve shutdown means that power generating units that have to be shut down due to lack of demand. Apart from this, 14 other units are closed due to non-receipt of contracts from power distribution companies.

The power generation capacity across the country is 3,63,370 mega watts. On November 7, there was a demand of only 1,88,072 mega watts less than half of the capacity. The demand for electricity remains at peak in the middle of October and November across the country, but this year the monsoon and early winter have affected its consumption.

According to the grid manager, the reserve shutdown is the result of inactive in industrial and commercial demand. According to data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) operated units, the cumulative capacity of these closed units was 65,133 mega watt. It is a matter of concern that many months have passed in these units.

In October last year, there has been 13 per cent decline in demand for electricity this year. Due to the decline in power the operators are not getting new contracts.