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Earthquake of 4.7 magnitude jolts Delhi, NCR region


An earthquake of magnitude 4.7 struck Rajasthan and tremors were felt in parts of north India including Delhi-NCR, media quoted the the National Centre for Seismology as saying, According to the NCS, the quake occurred at 7 p.m. at a depth of 35 kilometres below ground near Alwar district in Rajasthan on Friday.

There were no immediate reports of loss of life or property. The earthquake forced several residents to rush out of their homes. The epicentre of the first earthquake was 60 km southwest of Gurgaon in Haryana, according to India’s National Center for Seismology.

The Delhi-NCR has been identified as the second highest seismic hazard zone (Zone IV). Delhi lies close to a faultline making it susceptible to big earthquakes. The region has experienced over a dozen earthquakes in the past three months of which the highest magnitude up to now was the one that struck on May 29 in Rohtak which measured 4.6 on Richter scale

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Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “Mild earthquake tremors were felt in Delhi some time ago. Hope you are all safe, take care of yourself.”

People soon took to social media to report the incident with #Earthquake becoming the top trend.