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Earn by Cultivating “Queen of Herbs Tulsi”, Know How to Make More Money


Everyone’s dream of starting a business and make money from it. Some people’s dreams cannot be fulfilled because of lack of money. Tulsi (a medicinal plant) cultivation is gradually gaining popularity among farmers at different villages in the district due to fair prices of the herb leaves. As the growers do not need to use pesticide or chemical fertilizers to grow the herb, they have been making profits every year by selling its leaves to herbal medicine manufacturers.

Try out in herbal business
Nowadays the demand for Ayurvedic and natural medicines is increasing rapidly. In addition, its market has also expanded. If you are in the business of cultivating a medicinal plants, it may prove to be beneficial for you. You do not need to invest huge capital to start this business. You can start your business through contract farming.

Herbal business does not require farming
According to experts, most herbal plants like Tulsi (basil), Artemisia annua (Sweet wormwood), Mulethi (Liquorice), aloe vera are ready in less time. Some of these plants can even be exposed to small pots.

Capital require for cultivating herbal plants
The biggest advantage of growing medicinal plants like tulsi is that it gives good profits in short time and low cost. By investing just Rs. 15000 to 20000 you can earn 3 to 4 lakhs in three months. Isn’t it a great way of earning good money.

Tulsi is a demanding plant
Due to its medicinal properties, Tulsi is seen in a sophisticated way and its market is also very demanding. Basil crop is planted in the month of April & May and it can be sown by two methods of seeds and plants. There is a need for about 10 kg of seed to cultivate it in one hectare (2.5 acres). Basil plant is hard and therefore there are no major diseases affecting it. Only after 3 months of sowing, basil plants produce good value. Many ayurvedic companies present in the market such as Dabur, Vaidyanath, Patanjali etc. cultivate Tulsi contract.

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