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No Dussehra celebration at Ravan Ka Chabutra


The people of Jodhpur will not be able to celebrate Dussehra this time. The district administration has ordered that Dussehra celebrations will not be allowed this time at Ravan Ka Chabutra in the old historic city.

The annual event is celebrated by burning the effigy of Ravana at Ravan Ka Chabutra, a small congested place in the old city. There is also a temple of Ravana—the demon king— at Ravan Ka Chabutra.

Story behind the celebration

According to folklores, Ravana was married to Princess Mandodari of the kingdom of Mandore, a place on the outskirts of Jodhpur. She was the daughter of King Mayasur and his wife Hema.

But the folklore says that as King Mayasur had a tiff with Lord Indra, he had to leave his kingdom. The daughter Mandodari was raised by a saint Marduk.

When Mandodari grew up, her father looked for a suitable match for his daughter. He asked Ravana to help him find a match. When Ravana saw a beautiful Mandodari, he fell in love with her. Ravana proposed her father and requested him to marry his daughter to him.

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Mayasur was happy to hear this and Ravana came to Mandore and married Mandodari with great fanfare. The marriage was performed at a temple in Mandore, which is now in ruins. But, a large number of people visit the place to see the ruins.

It is said that after Ravana was killed, a lot of his followers moved to Jodhpur and built a temple in his name.

People urge CM Gehlot to allow celebration

It is for the first time that Ravan Ka Chabutra will not hold the Dussehra festival because the assembly of more than 100 persons has been banned by the administration.

After the ban order, the residents of Ravan Ka Chabutra have urged Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who belongs to Jodhpur, to withdraw the ban.

The district administration has allowed Dussehra to be celebrated in some parts of the city with limited gatherings and under strict safety protocol issued for COVID-19 pandemic.


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