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Drunken Husband says to Judge, ‘I can Leave my Wife but will not Stop Drinking Alcohol’


Bhopal: Drug addiction campaign is going on in many states of the country. Addictions like alcohol, tobacco and cigarettes etc. ruin people’s personal and family lives. We have heard about this but something similar has happened in Madhya Pradesh. Here in court an old wife applied for nourishment. The court presented the 89-year-old husband in response. The wife accused her husband of being addicted with alcohol.

In fact, a 69-year-old woman and 89-year-old husband demanded nourishment at Bhopal Family Court. Because of this, the judge called both of them for counseling. But the wife no longer wanted to be with her husband.

While explaining the reason behind this, the wife said, My husband comes up drunk and beat me. Hearing this, Family Court Judge RN Chand asked her husband to stop alcohol. The Husband replied,I can left my wife but will never stop drinking alcohol. Upon hearing this, the judge asked the husband to pay his wife Rs 10,000 from the pension but the husband denied.

The counselor of the court said that in complaint, the woman said that her husband was employed in PHE. But after retiring, he spent all his money on liquor. He used to beat me and her daughter said that my father used to beat my mother at this age. I am with my mother in this decision.

In response to this the husband replied, when my wife told me to quit the alcohol at that time i tried it twice but i got seriously ill. Therefore, the doctor suggested me to reduce the alcohol consumption but do not stop or otherwise you will die. So I can leave my wife but can’t live without the alcohol.