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Drop in fafda jalebi orders before Dussehra


Farsan and sweetshop owners are staring at a drop in fafda jalebi business this Dussehra thanks to the pandemic and the resultant restrictions on celebrations. 

Dussehra falls on Sunday and the state has already announced that it will not be allowing Ravan Dahan. Sweet shops in the state are witnessing a drop in demand for pre-ordered fafda and jalebi. 

It should be noted that every year to avoid the crowd, many customers including organisations pre-order fafda and jalebi, the delicacy that is savoured in Gujarat during Dussehra. 

But this time there has been a dip in such orders. In Surat, 1 kg of Fafda costs Rs360 while the overall demand has been low this year.

State disallows eating fafda jalebi outside sweet shops and in public

The state is soon likely to come out with a notification banning the consumption of fafda jalebi outside sweetshops or in public in the state. The move is aimed at preventing crowding at sweet shops and public places during Dussehra.

The Food and Drugs Department has also asked sweetshops to follow all the guidelines and to ensure that a crowd is not created.

The Farsan Association in the state said that they have also been asked to put up COVID-19 guideline banners outside their shops. They also fear that the business which was not expected to be great this year will further be affected due to the announcement.

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The association’s president Kishor Sheth had earlier said that they had a meeting with the food and drug department and have also asked shops to ensure that they follow COVID-19 guidelines including providing sanitizers.

Fafda Jalebi sales likely to see a dip this year during Dussehra

He said that every year the farsan traders in the state see a business of Rs400 to Rs500 crore during Dussehra. He said this year the business across the state is likely to drop to Rs200 crore due to the economic situation and the several restrictions put in place due to COVID-19.

He said many people may not move out of their houses to buy sweets and fafda jalebi and this will also impact the business.

He said to ensure that a crowd is not created in shops, they are emphasising on small packages of 250 to 500 gm to ensure that customers can be served quickly. All staff members will also have to wear gloves and masks.


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