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DPS Investigation Completed, Will the Government investigate, “Calorx The Great Scam”?


The case of Nityananda’s Ashram running in Manjula Shroff’s DPS East school came into the public, the Education Department of government was forced to take over the investigation. But the main question is that Manjula Shroff’s Calrox Foundation has running various educational units, will the government examine institutions associated with Manjula Shroff, Hiten Vasant and Amitabh Shah, considering their forged documents track record?

More than 40 educational undertakings are managed by the Manjula Shroff and Calorx Foundation. Which includes pre-school to university, the question arises whether the government will investigate? how much corruption and fraud has been done by Manjula Shroff and her associates? Manjula Shroff’s and their close allies manage Calorex Teachers University, Delhi Public School (DPS), Calorex Olive International School, Calorx Public School, KPRS School as well as a large number of educational institutions, non-profit companies and NGOs. In the preliminary inquiry of DPS school the Education Department revealed that Manjula Shroff and their allies uses forged documents for the DPS east. In such situation, will the government go into the depth investigation of Manjula Shroff and its associates?

Calorx University which is run by Manjula Shroff is famous as a PhD degree, master degrees and higher academic certificate factory between brokers of Delhi and Bengalaru education mafias. “Put 50 thousand to 10 lakh rupees in the morning and get degree by evening.” This information is also available to officials, higher secretaries and ministers sitting in Gandhinagar. So, will the government investigate calorx University?

According to Calorx University’s DPR (detailed project report), the university has been recognized by the Government of Gujarat and the UGC (University Grant Commission) for only “special academic degrees“. Whereas Calorx University has now been converted into Sabarmati University(2019) without any development. The university started giving the multiple higher degrees and certificates in a larger scale. Will the government take this matter into account and look at how the Calorx Teachers University has been converted into a full-fledged university called Sabarmati University?

Will the government investigate into the depth that how much fake documents have been prepared to convert a special purpose university in a full fledged university without any development?

How many fake documents have been produced when Calorx University was given full university status in the name of Sabarmati University? The entire game has been executed with the connivance of how many officials? The university which has not compiled its inspection in these 10 years, had not completed “special purpose university” compliance, that university without any development how it can get a full fledged university status?

Calorx Teacher University has been recognized as a full university under the new name “Sabarmati university“. Will the government investigate Calorx Teachers University aka Sabarmati University as the track record of fake documentation by Manjula Shroff and their associates?

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