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Double Attitude of Rupani Govt, Rally in Support of CAA then why not Allow Rally for Anti-CAA?


Protests are taking place all over the country regarding the CAA. In such a situation, now the BJP is trying to make people awake and more than 60 rallies and gatherings are being organized in a single day in all the districts of Gujarat. They are trying to remove the misconceptions spread about this Act among the people. On the other hand, rallies and protests are not being allowed to protest against this Act.

Regarding which the Minority Coordination Committee, Gujarat’s Convenor Mujahid Nafees has written a letter demanding to rise above party politics and act in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution. In a letter to the Minority Coordination Committee, Mujahid Nafees said that you are aware that Government of India has approved the religion-based citizenship Act by ignoring the Constitution.

You know that this Act is a clear violation of Article 5,14,15,21 of the Constitution of the country. The constitution of the country has been attained after thousands of people gained independence after a long struggle with the British. Whose disrespect is an insult to the martyrdom of those thousands of freedom fighters.

He said that in order to save the secular state the basic elements of the Constitution is against. But with great regret you have to inform that the protests in various districts of Gujarat are not being allowed by the district administration, their off-record says that the above are not to allow any protests and no one will get permission. Whereas today an organization called “Citizen Committee” has been allowed to perform in all districts of Gujarat in support of CAA. So why are the protests against this Act were not allowed?