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Donkey arrested for betting in Pakistan!


A twitter user tweeted a story from Pakistan where a donkey was arrested for ‘participating’ in gambling/betting. Journalist Naila Inayat tweeted the video of the animal along with the other accused and a link of Samaa TV, in which the news was flashed. Samaa TV is a news organisation from Pakistan.

As per the story, police carried out a raid in a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan and arrested eight people along with a donkey. The men were arrested for betting on horses. Cops also seized Rs 1 lakh in Pakistani currency from those arrested. When the case was filed, the animal’s name was also included in it as a result of which the local authorities could not let it go as it was already mentioned in the FIR.

The story got some funny responses from twitter users who wondered how a donkey could be booked for gambling. Needless to say it also got several messages from Indian twitter users making fun of Pakistani leaders and their officials.