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Donald Trump to Bring ‘Nuclear Football’ on India Tour, Know Its Quality


The Gujarat government does not want to leave any stone unturned to welcome the trump. Preparations for their welcome and security are on a war footing before US President Donald Trump and Melania Trump arrive in Ahmedabad on 24th of February. Tight arrangements are being made for security. Meanwhile, Trump’s official helicopter ‘Marine-One’ has also reached Ahmedabad. Apart from this, his team will also be together for the safety of Trump, but one particular thing is being discussed the most and that is ‘nuclear football’.

Trump will bring ‘nuclear football’

The American President always carries ‘nuclear football’ with him, which will also accompany him on the tour of India. The importance of this football can be gauged from the fact that it can destroy the world in an instant. This nuclear football is also called a ‘secret briefcase’, which is held by the officers of their security squad. The other security also has a briefcase equipped with weapons so that whenever someone tries to snatch this ‘nuclear football’, it can be saved.

Nuclear strike strength

Equipped with a secret code and an alarm for a nuclear attack, this briefcase is known as nuclear football. However, this is not real football. This black top-secret briefcase is considered to be the most powerful briefcase in the world. It is always kept by the President of America, which contains communication equipment that allows them to carry out nuclear attacks.

Nuclear football in vogue since 1962

According to DailyMail, since 1962, nuclear football is with every president of America. It was designed for this purpose so that the US President always has the option of nuclear war.

Three nuclear football

According to the news, there are 3 nuclear football. One is with the President the other one is with the Vice President and third one is kept in the White House. This briefcase called nuclear football, contains a small antenna with a communication device that is always connected to the satellite phone. Through this, the American President can talk and guide from any corner of the world immediately. It also contains a 75-page book, which informs the President of all options related to the nuclear attack. The ten-page folder contains contact details for military leaders.

Special briefcase also stays with PM Modi

This briefcase is also under the protection of the Prime Minister of India. Many such pictures have come out on recent occasions when officers of Special Protection Group posted under the protection of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are seen holding briefcases in hand.