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Doctor proposes marriage then abuses woman

  • Doctor got the woman’s profile from a marriage bureau

  • They talked a few times, and then he began to call her incessantly

  • He was annoyed that she was ignoring him

  • Both are divorcees

A woman has filed an abuse complaint against a doctor in the city. Interestingly, the doctor got her details from a marriage bureau. 

He was interested in marrying her but was annoyed that she had not been responding to his proposal.


As per a complaint registered with the Vadaj police station, Rachna (name changed), the complainant in the case, runs a beauty parlour. 

She lives in a rented apartment in Nava Vadaj and is a divorcee with a daughter.

Someday ago she got a call from one Jagdish Vittha stating that he got her contact details from one Shubham Marriage Bureau. 

The man said he wanted to talk to her parents about a marriage proposal for his son, a doctor, who was also a divorcee. 

He said his son liked Rachna’s profile and was interested in her.

Rachna told the man that she would first meet his son and, if she liked him, he could take up the proposal with her parents. 

The man agreed and said his son would send her his profile on her phone.

How they met

The man’s son, Dr Tejas Vittha, then sent Rachna his bio-data. But since she was busy with some financial work as well as her daughter’s deteriorating health, she could not respond.

In between, the two managed to talk once or twice. 

On Saturday, when Dr Tejas called Rachna, she told him that she was busy as she needed to get her daughter to a hospital for a sonography test. 

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Dr Tejas offered to do it at his clinic. 

She went to meet Dr Tejas at his residence near CTM Crossroads. 

After she consulted with him about her daughter, the mother-daughter duo left.

Later Rachna received around 30 to 35 missed calls on her cell phone.

On the same day, late at night, Dr Tejas suddenly appeared at her house.

He began questioning her as to why she was not responding to his calls.

He then began verbally abusing her and soon and tried to beat her.

A scared Rachna called her friend one Maulin Bhatt, who tried to pacify Dr Tejas, but he began to abuse him too. 

Dr Tejas also tried to pull Rachna and when she began to call the police, he broke her phone. 

He also told her to file a complaint as he was not afraid of anyone.

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